Thursday, October 15, 2009

The artist that I choose is Björn Dämpfling, his work is digital and is shown in biological specimens,like fish, fauna, insect or bird. He uses programs such as Fractal Painter and Freehand, and scanned paper sketches. I choose this because in this course we learned how to use fractal programs.

The artist that I choose this week is Orna Ben-Shoshan her artwork involves channeling images that come to her from a different places, she thinks about her work and it’s created in her mind before she put is on a canvas. Her wish is to share her work with other to inspire them on new ways of thinking. I love how she represents faces in many different ways, she’s very interesting.
wow this assigment was hard, but I had tons of fun with it. Thank you so much for showing me how to make videos online, a new tool for me to use. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

final pictures

Hi and bye everyone... when I saw Jerry's note that we had more time to post pictures I went back and found a few that hadn't made the first cut, played with them some more, and fini. There are a few more on fotothing.

This one I love most because it is of my little sister when her boyfriend surprised her with a diamond at a Renaissance Fair not two months ago. The original picture (not mine) was very busy and showed a crowd around them, applauding. It is sweet but I wanted to just show them in a more romantic way.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lisle Drake resides in the Hill Country of Texas. She says that each of her works represents one aspect or another of that magical art. She works with a wide range of media from pen and ink on paper to batik and other techniques on fabric. She also uses the computer as both a tool and medium. Lisle gets most of her ideas through dreams, and that her dreams tend to run in series, sometimes over many years. She says that each time a dream occurs she finds something new in the dream and she spends a lot of time capturing the memories either on paper or working directly in the machine. Her memories fill hundreds of sketch books and computer files, they are the raw material from which her finished works are made. She states
"I work principally with Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator, and my input devices are a high resolution scanner and a Wacom tablet. As I begin work on a new piece I make decisions about which elements are already in my archives and which will have to be created new. If new elements have to be created I might sketch the piece on paper and scan it in, or I might begin working in a Painter or Illustrator file using my Wacom tablet, or I might grab an old digital file and begin manipulating the element directly in Photoshop." This is an art both wondrous and gloriously playful.

I found her explanation of how she creates her art very interesting. It gave me a great idea to start my own dream sketch journal. I love this picture, is it a smile face or two birds looking down at a feather. At first I went right past this picture then I came back to it and examined it slowly and knew it had to be my final piece!

Week 7 Grappa

This one is called smile.
This one is called the sandal.
I chose two images from the grappa program. I had an easy time with this project. I was so happy that I could enjoy myself, stress free computer art! yeah!

Week Six Line Rider

This is my sled video it only took me two and a half hours.

Final Week!

Hi Everyone.... We are in our final week of class... all work is due by the end of this upcoming week.  I will be doing the grading on Friday, October 16th.  You may add to any of the assignments you have submitted... even from the beginning, if you feel you could have done a better job on anything.

Hope you enjoyed this experience.... You have learned much about Web 2.0 power in taking this class.... the ability to create and post visual content, not only for your peers, but for the world to see both on the blog and in fotothing is a very powerful step forward.

I enjoyed working with you... and hope to see you in another class online in the future!


Grappa Week 7

After trying to save my work. This is as good as it gets. As easy as this exercise was, I found it difficult to come up with something good enough to post, so I decided to sketch this name with a little art work.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Week 7 MOCA

Karin Kuhlmann is an artist who has gained much notoriety and awards for her artwork in recent years. Kuhlmann is best known for her exhibit of twelve pieces which she likes to refer to as “AbstraXness;” a term that she uses to describe her very abstract and algorithmic style within her collection. Originally from Germany, Kuhlmann has studied graphic design and photography as well having been a commercial artist and publicist. In 1996 she began utilizing the computer as an artistic tool and incorporated design elements by using Photoshop’s KPT5’s FraxFrame filter, giving her images more of an abstract quality. Kuhlmann has said “Like the surrealists and some abstractionists I prefer to utilize 'Automatism' for my creative processes in order to release my inner pictures.” She also feels that; “Mathematical art is - although it seems to be a contradiction in terms - a very intuitive and individual kind of work." I chose to post “Sunny Day” one of the images from her collection. To view additional pieces from “AbstraXness,” go to:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

humanoid. mine. 

I call this work "A Sin Rose". Done by Iryna Khrapava :) She did not have any exhibits, yet. used Grappa. :)) 

Ansgard Thomson

Ansgard Thomson was born in a part of Germany in 1923 that is now Poland. Her first art education classes were in her high school in Germany. Her formal instruction in the arts took placfrom 1980 to 1993 at the University of Alberta. She started using the computer as a media in 1993 and was attracted by the many new programs she found on the internet which allowed her to explore the differences as well as the similarities to the natural way of making art. Her aim was to produce 2D works in the new media without scanning any of her traditional paintings. I pulled her for this week because this set of paintings was all done using Apophysis. I particulary like the golden color one on the left, but the one on the right she has in her living room in Canada as a blown up wall hanging.


Well, I have redeemed myself with this assignment (I think). At least everything is able to be seen. I had fun with the grappa tool. Once I got the hang of controlling the mouse and movements, I found that I could create some interesting designs. I tried to be deliberate with most of the pieces that I created. I used photoshop to adjust the color and/or saturation on some of them. The one that I've chosen to include on the blog is my favorite out of the bunch. I call it, "Love: Life's music". I hope you enjoy it. I have posted many others on fotothing, so check them out. I appreciate everyone's comments this MOD and wish you all the best with the rest of school.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MOCA Week #7 TG

Steven's work frequently focuses on the complex dynamics that form and mold us. Steven is interested in examining those emotions. As a visual artist, Steven has chosen to set aside the brush and pencil and embrace the digital realm to sketch and explore, to probe the uniquely personal universal dynamic experiences. The pieces portray the repetitive patterns of dynamic interactive behavior. Images withdrawn from within the Chaos are drawn from experiences, icons and recent personal experiences and an awareness of life.

Week 7 Grappa

This weeks grappa assignment provided a creative way to produce many free flowing designs. I liked experimenting with this method, and had fun creating several different images. I have posted two of my favorites.

Stunt Sled (Linerider)

After several hours of pain, this is what I came up with. Go to you tube, click videos and type Linerider stunt sled. My you tube user name is Mrag111. Thanks
The name of the work is The Housewife. It is done by Orna Ben-Shoshan. she was born in Israel, but lives in USA now. Orna Ben-Shoshan has been an autodidact artist for the past 30 years. Her artwork was exhibited in numerous locations in the USA, Europe and Israel. As she sais she first completes her work in her mind first. Her goal is to inspire new way of thinking. "Alternative Realities lie parallel to the world we are familiar with" - love the expression!

Monday, October 5, 2009

My last MOCA post

For my last MOCA post, I wanted to find an artist that really intrigued me. Quite honestly, there are so many, and I am thrilled that Jerry introduced the computer art site for me. Maybe I'll exhibit one of my pieces on there some day.

The artist that I chose this week is Sara G. Umemoto. Sara was born in Mexico City and currently resides in Japan. She began as an artist drawing in childhood and gradually engaging in traditional painting. Once she moved to Japan, the traditional mediums were not at her disposal so she tried her hand at computer art. Sara is a self-taught photographer and digital artist. She mainly works in Photoshop and Corel Draw. She believes that the digital realm offers the greatest possible freedom in expressing visual concepts and graphic emotions. The pieces that I have chosen to share were a couple of my favorites. I thoroughly enjoyed almost all of her portfolios, so it was a hard decision to make. The first piece is entitled "Crime Against Humanity". The second piece is entitled "Farewell". I thought that was fitting (this being our last week and almost my last MOD).


This top photo is my third design and I added multiple layers using the formula selection. I have come to realize that I finally got the hang of it.
The second try at the fractal design is in the middle and I truly enjoyed designing this piece and changing over the color patterns using the randomized color and layer selections.

Here is my initial try at the fractal design. This was the hardest project I had to work on because for some reason my computer was only modifying one area of the fractal.

Week 6 MOCA

The artist I chose for Week 6 is Anton Kirchner who was born in Germany and began drawing at the age of 5. He is a software engineer but creating art is his side project. He believes that his work is under the influence of several objectives including the addition of cubist partitioning into the components of the images.


My line rider version. This was not an easy task, but it was lots and lots of fun.

Week 7 MOCA

The artist I chose this week is Armand Munera. She does all of her work on a computer tablet and creates her images from parts of a photograph or from her memory. She was trained to do graphic arts, loves the idea of culture and she's a figurative painter.

Grappa Blue and White

Here is my version of the Blue and White version of Grappa. I must truly say that this was the absolute favorite of mine. My husband even joined in the fun. I think this tool has relaxing techniques as well. For me to not consider myself creative, this tool made me address the inner creativity that was hidden deep inside.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The artist that I picked this week is Thomas Demuth, He uses 3d software to create his work that is to create photo-abtracts images. This pictures is very insteresting to me, 3d images are my favorite because you can create whatever you want in different angles the way you want it. In this picture i think of people eating dinner together and they all look the same.


I had a lot of fun doing this assignment, Out of all the downloads this has been my favorite. I love the way that you can make an image out of a million bits of pictures put together and create and amazing work of art. I will definitely keep using this application to create really interesting pictures.

Linerider- My demise!

I am OFFICIALLY at my wits end with this assignment. I have been trying to get a semi-good course for the linerider for a week. When I finally got something that met the requirements (even if minimally) I couldn't record it! Now, I've been at this AGAIN for 2 1/2 hours and I can't take anymore. Jerry, I've called you twice, but didn't leave a message because I feared losing my work, which I did lose in the end. In my effort to get some credit for the assignment I have uploaded what the hypercam did capture. It's not a video. In fact, the camera captured all my clicks and windows that popped up in its view. I can't save what I've done, to give it another go, and I am done with this. So, I will tell you that I wrote a little something for you all in the video, and it goes a little something like this... "UGH...I HATE LINERIDER- GOOD RIDANCE!" :(

Better luck with Grappa I hope.


I liked this application, but it was frustrating at the same time because I wanted to do more with it than just manipulating mouse movements. I also didnt like how the line would follow your mouse offscreen so while i created something I liked that was all in the center of the picutre, there was this line going from the center offscreen. I think I will have to play with it more, but I like the ones I saved. Above are "Snake" and "French Horn".


Tom McKeith has an MFA in fine art with a concentration in photography. He has been working digitally for about 15 years and has exhibited in Southern California and in Sacramento, California, where he is presently located. He has fine illustrative skills. Many of his ideas are from things that he's seen throughout the years, and some are just spontaneous creations. The image that I am sharing this week is entitled "The 6th Day". The interpretation is intriguing because according to the Bible, on the 6th day God created man.

Line Rider - "Tumbler"

I remember when this game first came out and all my computer geek friends were nuts about it. I haven't played it in years, and my skills have not improved. There is sound, but it is very faint.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

MOCA assignment - Week 7

Ansgard Thomson is 86 years old (born 1923 in Germany) and lives in Canada. She was a traditional painter for many years (and a nurse during the War). She started using the computer in 1993 and as of 1998 after adding the "Wacom Intuos pen " to her tools, now uses the computer only to create her works. (I never heard of Wacom Intuos pen so looked it up-- it is an interactive tablet with a "pen" drawing implement that makes getting your artwork (or whatever) into your computer easier.) This series posted on MOCA is Apophysis-based. I chose my two favorite, both very fluid and evocative pieces to me.

I thought this piece by Giuseppe Mariotti was strong and beautiful, as well as mystical. It is amazing how some people just have a gift, he is self-taught.

Giuseppe Mariotti is an award-winning artist from Italy. His background includes a degree in architecture from the School of Architecture, Rome University.
He offers: "I have drawn comic books and book illustrations, as well as graphic art, and I am continually searching for, and experimenting with, new techniques. I have never attended art school, so I am self-taught. I have become deeply interested in digital art."

Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 7 - Grappa assignment

So, these Grappa pictures were wonderful to work on. I enjoyed this assignment (more than Line Rider). I did tweak a couple with a photoshop knockoff that came with my digital camera.

I have more pictures that I will post to Fotothing, but these were my son's choices to post on the class blog.

Week 6 MOCA

Kuniharu Shimizu is a Japanese artist that creates his artwork by using Adobe Illustrator. Shimizu obtained his BFA from the University of Hawaii, and originally created paintings by working from photographs. He decided to begin painting abstractly once he became bored with painting realistically. Shimizu began familiarizing himself with computer graphic programs and became hooked. Kuniharu is also well known for his haiku poems which he says also have an impact in his artistic creations. I have posted one of his works titled” Shadow of Her Shoes.”

Week 6 Line Rider

I thought that this weeks assignment was a lot of fun. Once I got the hang of creating the line rider course, I added my own details and posted it to the blog. It can also be viewed on YouTube using the link provided.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

this is my immortal man. i felt pity for him and decided not to wait the whole minute and to kill him quickly :))

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This work is done by Ciro Marchetti from Great Britain. He did a lot of work on astronomical themes. Ciro uses photoshop for a lot of his works, that helps to reflect all the imagination he has. He uses different mixture of colors and layers to come up with the final idea. Ciro's art has won a number of prizes at MacWorld competitions.  I liked it because it seems for me very clear and bright.   

Week 4 Apophysis

I named this photo - Green with Envy

I have finally suceeded in making my first apophysis and I have had so much fun with this assignment. I am so glad to be back on track as well. I value any and all opinions and feedback. I love how there are so many different diverse options to choose from in the apophysis frames.

Monday, September 28, 2009

MOCA Week 6

Oliver Wetter signs his art as Fantasio. He says he has painted ever since he could think. He is a 24 year old German who has explored and created in almost all medias, His digital art today is an amalgam of painting, digital illustration, 3-d modelling, photography, and typography. He thinks of his art as "all-genre." He writes, "To describe my art is something difficult, because it's a progressive development towards the perfect use of nearly every media..." He describes his style as maybe Magritte-inspired symbolism. Sixteen of his works are included in this exhibit.

MOCA Week 5

"Untitled Series C"
The top photo caught my eye as it reminds me of an angel with bold beautiful wings

Transient Aspirations

The artist that I selected for this week is Oliver Gili who is from England. Prior to editing his work in adobe photoshop, he uses acrylic and oils to create his artwork and then scans it into his computer. He has exhibited at galleries in his hometown, as well as showing his work via projectors in local eateries, pubs and clubs. Oliver Gili states that "he draws upon the techniques of post-impressionism, the artificial realities of computer game graphics and the intensity of stained glass. Mr. Gili can also be reached via email at

MOCA Week 4

"Fix It"


Hello everyone, I am sorry for the absence was a little under the weather and am finally regaining my strength and energy.

The artist that I selected for Week 4 is Regina Lafay. At just the age of 19 she began to experiment with painting on top of her prints prior to discovering Adobe photoshop. Her artwork can be seen in various movies, magazines and as tattoo prints on individuals. Her artwork is a healing vessel to those who have experienced abuse or suffer from mental illness.

Additional photos of her artwork can be found on her website at

MOCA Week 5

Regina Lafay began her career in 1990 at age 19 as a photographer. Several years after her career began she discovered Adobe Photoshop, and started adding different elements to her photographs such as paint, smudge tool, and other applications to enhance her images. Lafay has stated that the goal behind her artwork is to help raise awareness and uncover the beauty of raw emotion, in addition to help heal herself and those who feel isolated and alone. Ultimately she hopes that the artwork she creates assists in the education of those who do not understand what many individuals experience as survivors of mental illness and abuse. After viewing several of her images, I definitely got the sense that there is a deeper meaning behind her artwork. I chose “Rebirth” and “Finding Peace” because I enjoyed viewing them, and also because I felt that both of the images and their titles represent the messages and feelings that are the intention behind the artwork of Regina Lafay.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This assigment was a lot of fun, it seems like it would be something really easy at the same time hard to create but for me it was very hard. I have a lop top that does not have a regular mouse, so in order to get this kind of pictures done I had to try a million times so it would look like there were swirls. This is an amazing tool to use this pictures look so amazing and is only by a touch of one tool. I really enjoyed working oni this assigment.